Friday, 12 October 2007

Identity and Second Life

Is Second Life a identity factory or an identity junk yard? Me with a new pair of gunglasses. Everything in this picture has a story, how I got the skin, face, hair, the outfit and now the sunglasses I got after weeks without a working account on Lindex. Lidentity on Second Life is entirely personal history and constructions, only limited by the technology of Second Life. For example I wanted to be very very big earlier this year, but wisely servers restrict how big you can be.

In the Spring I made an AV based upon my photograph. When I showed it to a friend she asked it I was short. I said no I am a little over average hieght in RL, its just everyone in SL is 6foot plus some change.

But over time Rober Jua emerged as the man you see above, complete with male organ as well. Today he changes clothing very slowly and ads pieces based on an constructed self image. Mr Jua is romantic, lyrical, vain, and showy. At different times his identity is stronger or weaker. About 5 months ago he was a major player in what someone might call the SL middle aged dating scene, hanging out in jazz clubs and going to balls.

Over time his identity has become more focused and less storng. Now he is an explorer and spends most of his time embodied in Second Life looking at things rather than talking or dancing. Our senses of identity probably always change but in Second Life most people are free of the restrictions of work and community that keep us in set identities, still specific avs seem to me to be specific personalities for long periods of time.

But I'm only one year old.
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