Thursday, 11 October 2007

Human Generated Space RL vs. SL

The above photo is from a vacation I took to Malta. It is a region of the island where pre-historic men without wheels produced a system of ruts in the ground for wooden carts. In this way the landscape is a created region, in something like the way space is created in Second Life. It is a landscape produced in part by the culture and the people who developed it. But it brings out some key differences between Second Life and base First Life landscapes and the relationship of culture to landscape. These include:

The lack of history. This landscape is in part interesting because it is so amazingly old. Earth is occupied with a age. Ruins are of a certain age, landscapes were formed in the ice age. When I was in Greece it struck me that where I grew up in the Midwest of the United States was unique because of the last Ice Age which never came to Greece. Second Life has no history. SIMs present themselves as being of certain age or not but no real history has developed.

The creations of man in reality are in constant discourse with "nature", plants and animals invade and transform our creations and the landscape is alive with life, weather, and culture that means nothing is static of fixed.

Depth, I know that if I dig long enough in the region I will likely find something interesting from on of Malta's past histories. If I look at the plants I will see cells. If I was to enter space I would see Malta vanish in to the ocean and then the earth vanish in to space and the Sun become a star in a field of stars. No matter how far out or in I go I see something. Our reality never seems pixilated to use, no matter what resolution we view it at it always have a rich flowing composition.

Beauty. Much of Second Life background looks like day old baby vomit. Before things rez they are a pathetic grey color. RL is lovely, nature fills every space with an amazing beauty for free.
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