Monday, 1 October 2007

Flying in Second Life

Another balloon ride in Second Life. Though you can fly anyways there is something about being in a balloon that touches a shared myth we have. Flying is the first thing that really strikes you in second life but as you are their more and more you find, I think, you fly more and more just to get from one place to another rather than experience flying. Many people and I have noticed that newbies (new joiners) often have wingers, and this is probably a way of expressing the found power of flight.

Part of the problem is that the power of flight, and the entire 3-D nature of Second life is poorly eploited at this point and the main experience is still always on a plain with people at your level. But this trek has forced me to rediscover that in Second Life I have the power to fly, and the deep set of myths and dreams that flight holds for me. Part of the problem is that social community seems to act towards normalicy, even with strange RP communiteis like Gor seeming more and more ordinary life. When I first joined I wanted to build an experience around something like a Greek God, but have long since forgotten in the flood of gossip, long IM, dancing, cyber, and meeting people at parties. In Second Life you are rich, and in time you become as dull as most rich people.

Probably it is this power that most holds the magical seduction of the place.
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