Thursday, 25 October 2007

Exploring I found a Home

Oddly enough that in the process of exploring Second Life, wandering from place to place, that I found a larger solid identity for myslef among the neo-tribe of steampunks. Steampunks create art revisioning the Victorian ear as a more advanced age of machines, building the most wonderufl of devices. So I have taken up residents renting in New Babbage, were I am pictured here.

Neo-tribes, or claves were identitfied by Stephenson as a critical component of metaverses in the novels Snow Crash and the Diamond Age and Second Life seems to be true to firm. The terms generally used are RP and SIM. But it is my experience most people do some RP but don't Second Live RP; though some people in New Babbage clearly live Steampunk. For example I would say I like Steampunk and I have a lot of nice steampunk stuff but I am not Steampunk, I am not anything. It is my impression that the vast majority remain free agents, buying land to have their own private lives.
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