Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Cherry 18 and the Issue of Virtual Age

Just north of there is another end of the word, again a vast ocean you can not enter

Cherry 18 was dragged in to a issue concerning the German government earlier this year. Most nations have strict laws as to when people can engage in sexual entertainment or sex work, but the German's applied this to how old someone could act to be. For the German government a 20 year old woman acting like a 16 year old girl in Virtual Sex was criminal, and places like Cherry 18 had a kind of recession, a recession I understand is ending.

I personally see such laws as utterly unenforceable. An AV has no age. It only have a look. Here in London they have parties where adults dress in school clothing to get drunk and I am sure many are on the pull. As long as both partners are adult its hard to constitute that one is acting like a child unless they come out and say "I am under 18 and you are going to fuck me". I frankly see little child protection in preventing this.

Also the line between fantasy and reality, and the possibility that in virtual reality urges can be satisfied has been ignored with a sweep. I think the possibility that people may be able to channel urges through virtual reality and reduce the rate of child abuse is worth looking in to, but Second Life's wild market is certainly not the place to do this though.

Well I have crossed the great southern Island just in time for a real vacation travelling in the Real World. Be back in a few weeks.
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