Monday, 1 October 2007

Bondage in Second Life

I have to admit that this is the first place I have come across on the trek that I have been to before: a bondage club (click here).

Its also the first place I have been that has been really crowded with non-campers, and where I meet people who knew some of the same people and places as me. This is where I re-entered my Second Life.

All this tells you something of the role bondage plays in Second Life's sub-cultures. Remember the Gorean neo-tribes are a bondage RP and you will notice a pattern.

Second Life's is very much about bonding, either the fetish sexual bondage shown here, or in more extensive RP like Gorean, or in very traditional marriages, people are flooding in to Second Life to lose some degree of freedom or exercise some degree of power. In a society of less marriage and less kinship the raw exercise of one humans sexual power over another is an obsession in Second Life.

But are the bonds real or stylized, and are bonds that exist on in Second Life real at all?
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