Monday, 8 October 2007

Ads in Second Life

Like this spot much of Second Life is a washed in ads, with few people to see them. There is no shortage of people chasing after Second Life's tiny but growing economy. Spending money on Second Life is pure consumerism, you can join for free, get everything from Freebie shops and you don't have to eat or pay for land and escorts don't really do anything. You could come for months, as I did at first, without having any money. For the past month something with my account has prevented me from exchanging on the Lindex and I really have not noticed the difference. I will in one day of RL spend more than months in Second Life on meals or drinks.

But given the lack of imperative to spend, the low amount of spending and Second Life's small constant population of about 40,000 people in world per day, there is no shortage of people hunting after a piece of the action. Will this end in a bust or a future boom, or one followed by the other followed by the other?

I have little doubt that virtual reality is a period of hyper-capitalism, where the very ground and air is now a commodity.
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