Saturday, 27 October 2007

Away in Spain

Rober1236 Jua has gone in to the freezer as his human has gone on a short vacation to Spain. Some major differences travelling between RL and SL:

1. When things you own in RL are no longer there you can´t relog to get them back.
2. When you hotel reservation didn´t work, and you are tired and desperate, you can´t log out and go to bed.
3. Food tastes like something.
4. RL costs more but you get what you pay for.
5. RL is really 3D.
6. In RL most of the people in one plae are from that place.
7. You can´t IM cute remarks to pretty girls from across the cafe.
8. Your hear can look like shit most of the time in RL.
9. The sun can hurt your eyes in RL.
10. RL is still way way better than SL, because of all the things that are wrong about it. SL is built too much with market logic, it tries to be fun and easy and user friendly. These are not what humans really want, humans want adventures and challenges. That said I could go to SL for an hour a day every day for a year, if I had to find my way around a new Spanish city every night for the rest of my life I would lose my mind. SL is a lot easier than RL, SL is still more watered down reality than Second Reality.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Exploring I found a Home

Oddly enough that in the process of exploring Second Life, wandering from place to place, that I found a larger solid identity for myslef among the neo-tribe of steampunks. Steampunks create art revisioning the Victorian ear as a more advanced age of machines, building the most wonderufl of devices. So I have taken up residents renting in New Babbage, were I am pictured here.

Neo-tribes, or claves were identitfied by Stephenson as a critical component of metaverses in the novels Snow Crash and the Diamond Age and Second Life seems to be true to firm. The terms generally used are RP and SIM. But it is my experience most people do some RP but don't Second Live RP; though some people in New Babbage clearly live Steampunk. For example I would say I like Steampunk and I have a lot of nice steampunk stuff but I am not Steampunk, I am not anything. It is my impression that the vast majority remain free agents, buying land to have their own private lives.
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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Failed Effort with a Flying Machine

I have started collecting flying machines for my exploration of SL. Here is a neo-Victorian flying machine, a vision that I could not get to work properly at that time. Been having better luck lately.
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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Cherry 18 and the Issue of Virtual Age

Just north of there is another end of the word, again a vast ocean you can not enter

Cherry 18 was dragged in to a issue concerning the German government earlier this year. Most nations have strict laws as to when people can engage in sexual entertainment or sex work, but the German's applied this to how old someone could act to be. For the German government a 20 year old woman acting like a 16 year old girl in Virtual Sex was criminal, and places like Cherry 18 had a kind of recession, a recession I understand is ending.

I personally see such laws as utterly unenforceable. An AV has no age. It only have a look. Here in London they have parties where adults dress in school clothing to get drunk and I am sure many are on the pull. As long as both partners are adult its hard to constitute that one is acting like a child unless they come out and say "I am under 18 and you are going to fuck me". I frankly see little child protection in preventing this.

Also the line between fantasy and reality, and the possibility that in virtual reality urges can be satisfied has been ignored with a sweep. I think the possibility that people may be able to channel urges through virtual reality and reduce the rate of child abuse is worth looking in to, but Second Life's wild market is certainly not the place to do this though.

Well I have crossed the great southern Island just in time for a real vacation travelling in the Real World. Be back in a few weeks.
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Monday, 15 October 2007

Retro Rocket in Second Life

A retro-rocket in Second Life.
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Prayer Center in Second Life

Prayer center downstairs.
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Married in Second Life

A church in Second Life. One interesting thing about second life is the position religion holds. On my trips I have seen a Mosque and this prayer center, Pyeonghwa Worship and Prayer Center and a few churches on the way. Just walking I have seen probably as many churches as sex shops. I have picked up a number of religious text while in Second Life.

Text from from the prayer center.

"1:1 Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, [and] called:

"1:2 Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied.

"1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort [you] that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."
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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ship in Second Life

Yatch club in Second Life.
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A New Look in Second Life

What is wonderful about Second Life is the narrative of finding things other than Google search. Everything on me in this picture was purchased for about 2 dollars in a process of wondering about the place.
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Punk Rock Ghetto

The Punk Rock Ghetto. Well the place is not that interesting, what is interesting is Marge on the Simpsons are playing a virtual reality game. She can't stop playing and is sleeping. All the people in the Simpsons are playing in a community. It seems to steal a great deal from the South Park episode on Virtual Reality. Bart is the shadow knight killing people in the virtual reality. Marge is very proud of Bart. Now we go to a commercial trying to get people to buy pizzas on line. Now a virtual reality show ad. Its an amazing modern age we live in.
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Eiffel Tower in Second Life

Does not hold a candle to the real thing. A friend of mine in Second Life recently noted how things in Second Life are pretty tame compared to real life. This tower of Eiffel in Second Life illustrates the remaining failure of virtual reality to be as interesting or well composed as the real thing.

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Dancing in Second Life

Dancing in Jade's Jazz lounge in Second Life.
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ANother Tree House in Second Life

Tree house in Second Life. In the imagined space of Second Life, tree houses are a popular motif. It would be wonderful to have more tree houses in real life, but they are pretty impractical. Once again if you view building something in Second Life as a vote for what reality should be tree houses prove popular.
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Friday, 12 October 2007

Shopping in Second Life

These two pictuers show well the experience of shopping in Second Life.

These rows of sales items remind me of the shopping districts in Japan. Japans response to modernisation are very lovely and Second Life seems to be evolving in a similiar way.
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Ugly Things in Second Life

Second Life is often the site of the most ugly parts of our world visualized. Generally the economic interests of RL make it a dull place with ugly public spaces. In Second Life there interests are translated and they take their artistic limits with them.

The same forces that created suburbanisation of industry in the United States, the business park and shopping mall are forming Second Life with predictable results.
The lack of metaphors harms the image language of Second Life. Popular culture provides only a weak SciFi mythology and the true artists of Second Life tend to reach for a new out of non-Western and non-Modern forms.
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Identity and Second Life

Is Second Life a identity factory or an identity junk yard? Me with a new pair of gunglasses. Everything in this picture has a story, how I got the skin, face, hair, the outfit and now the sunglasses I got after weeks without a working account on Lindex. Lidentity on Second Life is entirely personal history and constructions, only limited by the technology of Second Life. For example I wanted to be very very big earlier this year, but wisely servers restrict how big you can be.

In the Spring I made an AV based upon my photograph. When I showed it to a friend she asked it I was short. I said no I am a little over average hieght in RL, its just everyone in SL is 6foot plus some change.

But over time Rober Jua emerged as the man you see above, complete with male organ as well. Today he changes clothing very slowly and ads pieces based on an constructed self image. Mr Jua is romantic, lyrical, vain, and showy. At different times his identity is stronger or weaker. About 5 months ago he was a major player in what someone might call the SL middle aged dating scene, hanging out in jazz clubs and going to balls.

Over time his identity has become more focused and less storng. Now he is an explorer and spends most of his time embodied in Second Life looking at things rather than talking or dancing. Our senses of identity probably always change but in Second Life most people are free of the restrictions of work and community that keep us in set identities, still specific avs seem to me to be specific personalities for long periods of time.

But I'm only one year old.
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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Human Generated Space RL vs. SL

The above photo is from a vacation I took to Malta. It is a region of the island where pre-historic men without wheels produced a system of ruts in the ground for wooden carts. In this way the landscape is a created region, in something like the way space is created in Second Life. It is a landscape produced in part by the culture and the people who developed it. But it brings out some key differences between Second Life and base First Life landscapes and the relationship of culture to landscape. These include:

The lack of history. This landscape is in part interesting because it is so amazingly old. Earth is occupied with a age. Ruins are of a certain age, landscapes were formed in the ice age. When I was in Greece it struck me that where I grew up in the Midwest of the United States was unique because of the last Ice Age which never came to Greece. Second Life has no history. SIMs present themselves as being of certain age or not but no real history has developed.

The creations of man in reality are in constant discourse with "nature", plants and animals invade and transform our creations and the landscape is alive with life, weather, and culture that means nothing is static of fixed.

Depth, I know that if I dig long enough in the region I will likely find something interesting from on of Malta's past histories. If I look at the plants I will see cells. If I was to enter space I would see Malta vanish in to the ocean and then the earth vanish in to space and the Sun become a star in a field of stars. No matter how far out or in I go I see something. Our reality never seems pixilated to use, no matter what resolution we view it at it always have a rich flowing composition.

Beauty. Much of Second Life background looks like day old baby vomit. Before things rez they are a pathetic grey color. RL is lovely, nature fills every space with an amazing beauty for free.
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Taking Time to Attend a Lecture in Second Life

There are a good number of lectures and scientific presentations going on all the time in Second Life.
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Second Life Funiture Shop

Undergrond furniture shop in Second Life.
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Interesting Urban Landscape in Second Life

And a flower garden

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Geek Shop in Second Life

Here is a Geek Shop. What is surprising about Second Life is how little hard core supper SciFi geek stuff there is compared to romance and other modes of creating reality. There are a lot of Stargates but not as much Star Trek stuff as I would have guessed, so far. Sex is more important than geek stuff in Second Life.
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