Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Wolfie's Place Underwater Dance Club

Next I found Wolfie's Place and the underwater dance club!!!! This is an interesting region in SL without trying to be mind blowing, just individual creativity producing the surreal and wonderful.

I would have loved to see some fish and coral, like in so many of the surfing beaches, but PRIMS cost linden dollars. This is the first spot I will just explore for a while. Most newbies love to fly and I am going to fly all over the SL universe, but the idea of swimming it for a while or walking the ocean bottom seems cool. Either way as you can see from the map linked I need to move East through the Cap. Does the Cape have a name? Its created by the fact the Grid has it been extended out there, so it seems strange to name something that is not there, and will be filled in in time. But I would like to call it Cape Dance.
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