Thursday, 27 September 2007

This part of Second Life is not safe

This relaxing spot is actually not safe >>SSP<<. Someone could use a weapon and "kill" me here. Odd, it is so peaceful but it is actually as dangerous as Second Life becomes. Dying in Second Life is a matter of being teleported to your home. I have a number of weapons in Second Life that I can deploy in certain areas and sand boxes, including a nuclear arsenal that a woman with a RPG gave me at a strip club. I have given a few copies of it away. I also Have a few guns that I have purchased or exchanged for copies of my nuclear arsenal.

As for the ability to die the worst I saw was when Celadon's rent expired and someone dropped a modified gKill on her house, which set her as its victim and made it impossible for her to return. Nasty thing covered her in blood and told her she was dead. It then sent her to her home. It was a large clear object and after finding it I was able to contact its maker and get it diffused.

Things get very cyberpunk in Second Life.

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