Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Second Lifes Sprawl

Much of Second Life is a rather unsigthly sprawl like this. It is my opinion that Linden Labs has been a bit too private market oriented towards land development and has not done enough to make the land planned or interesting to move about in. This region is a mass up of unsightly buildings that don't match and red barriers. There is no place to walk to, getting around from buidling to building is almost impossible and the very way the land is laid out promotes teleport. But teleport builds the illusion that Second Life is a TV and not a PLACE, and much of the problem with Second Life is that people experience it like a TV show or XBox rather than a human society.

Lets get some PUBLIC WORKS Linden Labs, some wide roads through regions, maybe even a steam train line that runs through the area. Great for newbies to see the lay of the land, and promote a sense of a united community and democratic society.

But I rant.
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