Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Second Life Voyage So Far

In this distances I have encountered 3 Gorean societies, where I spoke to one member, I danced with one German Girl, I meet someone with a nice beach front house, I set off one virtual nuclear explosion, road a rocket ship, danced under the water, flew to the top of Sony Germany tower, explored and Indian Palace, bought and rode a hot air balloon, had cyber sex with someone who was trying to see which animated bed worked best (not very romantic or erotic) and ran in to a lot of red stripes.

I have tried to share some of my ideas from a year of intense losing my mind Second Life. One thing has been dismissed. Sometimes I though I was wasting my time in Second Life and that people were doing productive things to promote science and learning while I was dancing and chatting. Well so far its seems the vast majority use it as an immersive game experience. And in fact they use it very little. Though many of us may think we are on 24/7 the spaces we build are clearly almost always empty. I have seen very few people and only added one contact in my travels and danced with only one person. It has been mostly moving through Place and not community.

Celadon keeps telling me she has some significant things to say about Place vs Space but never adds them as comments and DD told me some things about marriage and our society, but she has not added any comments. I am getting lots of comments in Second Life from people but none are left here?????
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