Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Second Life at Some of its Best

The first Second Life SIM Kandor Palace is truely amazing. An excellent piece of Mogol India sitting in the shadows of Sony Germany this shows the amazing wonder of Second Life and the endless mixture.

I am starting to regret the time I have spent TPing and collecting LMs. So much to find on your feet in Second Life. I lived just over the place, and never once knew it was here. And I am a huge fan of Mogul Indian art.

I hope my little voyage will get more people to stop treating Seconf Life like a TV and more like what it is: a place. Get out and walk around a bit. Look at the map and wonder what is that, what is this. Explore. There is a new world ready, not a set of channels with ads but a world made by humans: a world of magic.
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