Sunday, 30 September 2007

Okay so how do you have sex in Second Life?

Here is a sex bed shop in Second Life you can see and visit by clicking here.

So for anyone who has not spent a week or so in Second Life the question remains: how do you have sex there?

Well its all a matter of animations. You give a animation control of you av and if someone else also give the animation control then two of you can have "sex". A blue and pink pass usually shows up on the bed, or where ever else the animations are held. Both parties touch the pose balls and then then select the kind of sex they are going to have.

A joke: "How do you know a girl likes you in Second Life?" "She lets you control the bed."

Okay it sounds silly. Its good to have a nice IM chat going if you want to have fun. But yes at present it gets a bit dull, and an entire industry exists to make it better. You also need to buy sexual organs to do it properly.
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