Monday, 1 October 2007

Now this is the Strangest Thing in Second Life

The first AVs I meet on this trip were campers. Usually my experience of them were doing small jobs or dancing for small sums of money. I have mopped a floor and danced as a camper myself earning I think 10 US cents in the process.

But these campers are being paid small sums of money for using an underground bathroom. I understand that some campers are on for hours a day, not at their personally computers but still logged ton on Linden Labs servers when they leave their desks to collect a few dollars a week. One needs to wonder why they don't just get a real job. But seriously, there is no way the amount of money they earn camping could cover the total electric costs of their being on the servers so much, and this seems a carbon wasteful way of trying to use the poverty of some to fill Second life with AVs if not people.
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