Saturday, 29 September 2007

My Second Gor Place

Linda Bailly was good enough to give me this informaiton about thier communi

"Mission Statement: Welcome to the Wagon People Camp.

Our goal is to have and share an enjoyable GOR experience with anyone with an open mind and a open heart. We want as full an experience for all as we can get. We seek to provide good roleplay for all who come here.

We welcome visitors. We are also willing to help people new to GOR.

We are gor. We are Kassar. We will defend and love those who are family and friend. We will kill strangers with bad intent and not worry over it after they are dead.

We are not 100 percent by the book....we have joined as family and while we try to maintain as much authenticity as we can to the Gor books some things have to be different. We are aware other sims have other rules, this is fine but they do not apply here, we have our own rules.

So come in met us and enjoy your Kassar experience."
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