Friday, 28 September 2007

Moddy Spiritual Chill Out Apollo Genre in Second Life.

Meditating in Second Life.

This is called a *APOLLO* Ethereal Floating Spire w/Starlight Trail
its made in The Lost Gardens of Apollo, on of the mostly lovely places in Second Life

Okay so this is a bit of a strange title for Second Life location Twills Muse (click to see on map and even teleport or join Second Life).

The Lost Garden's of Apollo is a famous spot in Second Life. There are a number of other areas, like this one, which have adopted styles and concepts developed in the Lost Garden's of Apollo around second life, and you very often see structures from the Gardens in private land or people's home.

I really like Lost Garden's of Apollo, Midsomer Isle, and Svarga. Places where you can dance, listen to music, recline, romance and enjoy a magic simulated environment. In my opinion these places are some of the best in Second Life. They all present a magical style of design and landscape that is not nerdy, often inspired by oriental design it is magical and yet mature. Twills Tymets, who built this space, clearly is a patron of this style and has made the area available for all to explore and romance. And it is much more private that the major islands.
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