Thursday, 27 September 2007

Me on a Pirate Ship

At the helm of a pirate ship. Pirates are a base mythology of the cyberpunk and metaverse mythology, that somehow technology would empower a new group of individuals to live independent of power and profit by their own rules. The truth is that the Internet has given more control over us and how we make money to business and the state. But a place like Second Life does allow people to pursue unique identities, even pirate identities and pirate parts of the culture to be reworked to meet their needs.

I never got in to pirate audio until people in Second Life started passing me sound files. Do friends have a right to share songs together? Should lovers have to pay twice for the same song. The rights declared, in myth, by the pirates to take control of their destiny is today being fought out in the struggle for the right to take control of our culture. In Second Life we are going to fight out a great deal of who owns our culture.

And the ship is cool.
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