Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Marriage in Second Life

Second Life offers a service called a partnership. 25 Linden dollars to break and 10 Linden dollars to form, pennies actually. But it is Linden Lab's take of a massive part of the Second Life subculture: marriage. This is perhaps the one area that causes outsiders and insiders the most confusion. But Second Life is on the Internet and as such it is about play, porn and money. As we can see Blissfull Moment. Get everything you need to hold that massive wedding in Second Life.

What do I think of partnerships? Well people can form what ever bonds they want in SL and there are a much richer variety of sexual bonding than openly practiced in RL. But the relationships, in my experience, tend to lack depth and partnerships form and dissolve quickly. As from Linden Lab's perspective, I think sooner of later a divorce lawyer is going to advice their client that a Second Life relationship destroyed their marriage (I have both read news and meet escorts in SL who tell me this happens now) and they should then sue Linden Labs for encouraging a sense of marriage. LL would probably have to settle to keep in out of the papers.

But people form very very strong bonds in Second Life. I would say they are friendships but friendships can be forms of love. Sexual bonds are usually consumer like flings, or games involves sex talk, but some people seem to form very deep friendships. Just like in RL, someone with maybe 100+ contacts (about my number right now) will count maybe 5 friends.

But this space, of love, marriage and even kinship in Second Life (yes people have babies) is the most interesting feature and the one I hope to study in the future. In Second Life the sex play on MUDs is reaching more and more of the human population, and in the near future cybersexuality may be a common form of identity.
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