Saturday, 29 September 2007

Land for Rent in Second Life

Land Sales are a major part of Second Life's Economy

Some nice land for rent. Click here to see on the SL map or even teleport. The ad for it talks about the Open Linden Ocean, which I will take to mean the ocean west of me is the Linden Ocean. What to call the other oceans is a bit of a question. Really there is no Ocean at all in Second life. Water is just on the edges of servers in the Grid, and all that shows up water is actually non-space without servers or information. The Linden Ocean exists by not existing, though you see it on the map there is no such place.

I wish there was. I would love to make a ship and sail the ocean. I think it would make for great adventures, people constructing ships to explore the Linden islands not by teleports by by sailing. It would mean more servers but oceans would represent little in processing and could be reproduced with only a few programs allowing people to sail long distances.
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