Monday, 24 September 2007

The Great Expedition to Explore and Chart Second Life

The Great Expedition in to Second Life

As with most Second Life AVs my motions are a series of TPs from site to site, with the social relationships between places defining the structure of Second Life.

But if you ever looked at the map or visited SLURL you will soon relieved that SL is an ever growing geo-space, but very little use is made of actual space. Most of SL are isolated islands without connections to main bodies of land. People are tped or tp to places of interest.

This Expedition will aim to actually explore the Metaverse of Second Life as a space. It will contain a journal of travels and comments on people and things I see.

I Rober1236 Jua aim to produce a personal experience of the emerging Universe of SL. I will also create my own charts in the spirit of the explorers of old, hoping to promote a sense of SL as a place.

Send me a friend contact any time if you are interested in this journey.
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