Monday, 24 September 2007

Frist Stop Second Life: the Campers

The first people I found were not really people at all, but campers. These are AVs that are left on sites being run by camping animations that pay people extremely small sums of money to either work or dance to attract the flow of people. Worked in my case. I was moving north and saw them on the map and stopped to say high. But the campers seemed to have all left their computers.

Camping is an activity that attracts the very poor or bored. The amounts of money theses campers make in hours of being on line is pennies, and oddly its not nearly enough to cover the broadband costs needed to use SL. I know of some campers who take months to purchase things that could cost the price of a good meal in London or New York.

I don't know very much about campers and they tend to be a very secretive group, forming camper clubs who hold spaces to collect the small pennies available in dance clubs and doing tasks like these, simulating work in an effort to attract attention to businesses. I have never meet a serious camper who speaks good english.

They are the poor used to attract visitors to the green dots of social activity, tn this case something called Enchanted Lovers Forest, just one of the thousands of business desperate to get a piece of the $1,000,000 US spend each day on Second Life. Campers either dance or work, simulating either fun or work in a effort to attrack people. I have seen working camper in front of businesses and dancing campters in front of clubs. Everyone camps at some point I guess, but when you spend 30 minutes for 5 pennies you start to look to pay pal if you have a job. Even in SL the poor seem to be being mobilized in a subclass of campers who provide attract visitors by filling regions with green dots.

The sad thing about campers is that they are people who are both very poor and very addicted to SL. Who will run their computers way to long in an age of global warming and probably never stop to think the electric bills they are running up are larger than the camping sums they get paid. Coming across the campers first reminds me of how much of SL is pathetic, creul or sad and I fear this journey will often be a very ugly one.

Travelling north a come to a waterfall with an British flag upon it.
The region in Second Life was Darkover
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