Monday, 24 September 2007

The Expedition of Second Life Begins

September 24 2007 6:00 AM SL Time

The expedition begins with the south west corner of the great southern continent.

The starting point with these two houses is at Second Life Glade of Sorrows 189 120 50

When I had a home in SL a few months ago this is near where I used to live. Though I spend dozens of hours in our house I never explored the region at all, so my plans are to move north and explore the norther coast of the Great Southern Continent.

Since clusters of grids are not, as far as I know name, I will call it the Great Southern Continent. If any knows of other names for it please let me know. I have resisted the idea of naming it Roberia.

As a strat it is a basic settlement in RL frontiers.
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