Friday, 28 September 2007

Art in Second Life

Not just sex and money. Art plays a big role in Second Life. In fact the entire place is just one massive piece of collective art created by 10,000s of people. I have tried to live artfully in Second Life and not be washed out in the commercialism that turns people in to AVs and AVs in to escorts, strippers, gfs, bfs, partners, ex-partners, mistresses, masters, slaves, families and what ever. I really don't want to see Second Life and its community experienced as TV and I am always drawing on literature and art to build my own personality and the experiences I have around me.

I find that Rober1236 Jua is very old fashioned and romantic, where as the human who owns him in RL is pretty practical and hard noised. Rober1236 believes in romance, in blind love, and in God while his creator in RL believes in very little. Perhaps Second Life has become a retreat for me, a place where I have turned romance and beauty in to a fetish. I am often concerned by what the beauty and fantasy of Second Life is doing to my experience of Real Life and like many addicted Second Life AVs I think the place is slowly driving me crazy.

But sometimes it is just so lovely it makes you cry on your keyboard.

Second Life is at a cross roads: it could become a consumer replacement for television or a great work of art, or it might contain both. Linden Labs seems to have allowed us to decide for ourselves.
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This video of Starry Starry Night in Second Life is amazing.

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