Sunday, 30 September 2007

Horses near the Shark

In Second Life its fun to have a costume for any accident you might stumble upon. Here I enjoy the change to interact with some horse animations, not quite as much fun as the real thing but a lot safe and not nearly the mess.
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Putting My Second Life in Danger

Here I am swimming with a shark, click on to give him or her a visit. The shark does not seem sexed and I imagine is never very hungry.
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The Second Life Voyage So Far

In this distances I have encountered 3 Gorean societies, where I spoke to one member, I danced with one German Girl, I meet someone with a nice beach front house, I set off one virtual nuclear explosion, road a rocket ship, danced under the water, flew to the top of Sony Germany tower, explored and Indian Palace, bought and rode a hot air balloon, had cyber sex with someone who was trying to see which animated bed worked best (not very romantic or erotic) and ran in to a lot of red stripes.

I have tried to share some of my ideas from a year of intense losing my mind Second Life. One thing has been dismissed. Sometimes I though I was wasting my time in Second Life and that people were doing productive things to promote science and learning while I was dancing and chatting. Well so far its seems the vast majority use it as an immersive game experience. And in fact they use it very little. Though many of us may think we are on 24/7 the spaces we build are clearly almost always empty. I have seen very few people and only added one contact in my travels and danced with only one person. It has been mostly moving through Place and not community.

Celadon keeps telling me she has some significant things to say about Place vs Space but never adds them as comments and DD told me some things about marriage and our society, but she has not added any comments. I am getting lots of comments in Second Life from people but none are left here?????
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Second Life is in the Future

As the future home of Second Life Kublacon shows Second Life is located more in the future as a promise or dream than a reality. The work, walking about it, remains underdeveloped and immature.
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A Fancy Ocean Front House in Second Life

Many people have fancy homes that serve as the center of their SL lives. followmeimthe Piedpiper owns this house here.
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Taking a break after a long struggle against red borders

After a long struggle against red no entry currents I decide to call it a day and take a rest here. Point, what is with the red lines? You can secure you house and ifsomeone does not have rights to your property what are they going to do. Its fairly hard to walk through large parts of Second Life and the temptation to tp from place to place like a TV is really hard.

A debate between Public and Private land usage needs to be held in Second Life.
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The wilderness problem in Second Life

A photo taken from a hike in the English Country Saturday

These two pictures tell the entire story. Second Life presents itself as a world, but it is still only an economy. Objects are constructed and have a cost in PRIMS. So empty space is rather dull, covered in a greenish dull texture that is rather boring to look at. Really you are not IN Second Life, you are on a layer produced by the servers. The above pictures show that we live IN the Real World, that we are inside of the massive complex processes of calculations (evolution) that are powered by the sun's energy. All around us the calculation of RL are taking place and filling every space with massive ever-changing complexity. In RL we clear the ecosystem to produce are structures, in SL nothing is there until we build the structures.

This is a major problem I have with SL, it is a place of pure city or suburb without really having a natural essence. People make wild places, but they are more like paintings of wild places. I think many of the complex calculations that must go on under the server could be taking place around us in the form of plants and animals whose operations are maintaining and developing the reality of second life.

Until you are in the process of calculation and evolution Virtual Reality is not really reality at all, it is a UI placed over the real reality of SL which exists in servers running code beyond what you can see.

I think this is what Gibson invisioned by Cyberspace and the kind of virtual reality called the metaverse in Snow Crash. Second Life is no where close yet.
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Okay so how do you have sex in Second Life?

Here is a sex bed shop in Second Life you can see and visit by clicking here.

So for anyone who has not spent a week or so in Second Life the question remains: how do you have sex there?

Well its all a matter of animations. You give a animation control of you av and if someone else also give the animation control then two of you can have "sex". A blue and pink pass usually shows up on the bed, or where ever else the animations are held. Both parties touch the pose balls and then then select the kind of sex they are going to have.

A joke: "How do you know a girl likes you in Second Life?" "She lets you control the bed."

Okay it sounds silly. Its good to have a nice IM chat going if you want to have fun. But yes at present it gets a bit dull, and an entire industry exists to make it better. You also need to buy sexual organs to do it properly.
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Saturday, 29 September 2007

A tower and me

Tower in Second Life
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Asian Influence on Second Life

A Dealer in Asian Inspired Designs

Asian influence is strong in Second Life, as this show you can click to visit shows. As always I have the right outfit for the occasion, very important for an avid Second Life AV. I hope to cover more about Asia in Second Life soon.
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My Second Gor Place

Linda Bailly was good enough to give me this informaiton about thier communi

"Mission Statement: Welcome to the Wagon People Camp.

Our goal is to have and share an enjoyable GOR experience with anyone with an open mind and a open heart. We want as full an experience for all as we can get. We seek to provide good roleplay for all who come here.

We welcome visitors. We are also willing to help people new to GOR.

We are gor. We are Kassar. We will defend and love those who are family and friend. We will kill strangers with bad intent and not worry over it after they are dead.

We are not 100 percent by the book....we have joined as family and while we try to maintain as much authenticity as we can to the Gor books some things have to be different. We are aware other sims have other rules, this is fine but they do not apply here, we have our own rules.

So come in met us and enjoy your Kassar experience."
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Taking to the Ocean of Second Life

My ship crashed in to a restricted area, it kept going but I was ejected.

Making up time is my main issue now. I used a Greek ship I had and sailed along the coast where I came to this area. Sadly it was restricted and I was ejected as the ship sailed on.
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Land for Rent in Second Life

Land Sales are a major part of Second Life's Economy

Some nice land for rent. Click here to see on the SL map or even teleport. The ad for it talks about the Open Linden Ocean, which I will take to mean the ocean west of me is the Linden Ocean. What to call the other oceans is a bit of a question. Really there is no Ocean at all in Second life. Water is just on the edges of servers in the Grid, and all that shows up water is actually non-space without servers or information. The Linden Ocean exists by not existing, though you see it on the map there is no such place.

I wish there was. I would love to make a ship and sail the ocean. I think it would make for great adventures, people constructing ships to explore the Linden islands not by teleports by by sailing. It would mean more servers but oceans would represent little in processing and could be reproduced with only a few programs allowing people to sail long distances.
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Racing through Second Life

After a quick rocket ride.

I was not making much progress, but the previous site had a rocket that you could use for a while and a shot up here where I crashed in to a wall and the rocket vanished. I was having such trouble controlling the rocket I would not get any photos. The landscape shot by faster than it could rez and all I saw was a light house.

Click to see where I am and go to Second Life
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Friday, 28 September 2007

What is it?

A strange object. Click here to get teleport link and see if you can figure out what this is suppose to be, or if its just for fun.
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The City of Tor in Second Life

The City of Tor in Second Life. Okay Gor finally comes up. Gorian culture is a major neo-tribe in Second Life. I have spent time in some of their sims, but many people join the communities fully, becoming slaves and masters. I must admit to always seeing Gor simply as a game and can't speak about what people get out of it. I will explore this place and write about Gor later. Now just doing some of the wash, every trekkers labour.
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In Secnd Life: Clothing and AV

One of my favorite parts of Second Life is that I now have an outfit for almost any situation, I can always play along. One of these three figures is me!!!!
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Only in Second Life

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Only in Second Life

Lion King Pride Park
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The Uglist Thing I have seen so far

This is the ugliest thing I have seen so far on my voyage through Second Life. I have planned for 80s to explore as much of the metauniverse as possible and I hope most of it is better than this.
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Just a Cool Second Life Tower

Massive Tower in Sky Diving Complex.
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Need More Second LIfe Time

Very funny ad. Interesting point. Click the link to visit. This ad sums it all up better than I can.
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Art in Second Life

Not just sex and money. Art plays a big role in Second Life. In fact the entire place is just one massive piece of collective art created by 10,000s of people. I have tried to live artfully in Second Life and not be washed out in the commercialism that turns people in to AVs and AVs in to escorts, strippers, gfs, bfs, partners, ex-partners, mistresses, masters, slaves, families and what ever. I really don't want to see Second Life and its community experienced as TV and I am always drawing on literature and art to build my own personality and the experiences I have around me.

I find that Rober1236 Jua is very old fashioned and romantic, where as the human who owns him in RL is pretty practical and hard noised. Rober1236 believes in romance, in blind love, and in God while his creator in RL believes in very little. Perhaps Second Life has become a retreat for me, a place where I have turned romance and beauty in to a fetish. I am often concerned by what the beauty and fantasy of Second Life is doing to my experience of Real Life and like many addicted Second Life AVs I think the place is slowly driving me crazy.

But sometimes it is just so lovely it makes you cry on your keyboard.

Second Life is at a cross roads: it could become a consumer replacement for television or a great work of art, or it might contain both. Linden Labs seems to have allowed us to decide for ourselves.
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This video of Starry Starry Night in Second Life is amazing.

Moddy Spiritual Chill Out Apollo Genre in Second Life.

Meditating in Second Life.

This is called a *APOLLO* Ethereal Floating Spire w/Starlight Trail
its made in The Lost Gardens of Apollo, on of the mostly lovely places in Second Life

Okay so this is a bit of a strange title for Second Life location Twills Muse (click to see on map and even teleport or join Second Life).

The Lost Garden's of Apollo is a famous spot in Second Life. There are a number of other areas, like this one, which have adopted styles and concepts developed in the Lost Garden's of Apollo around second life, and you very often see structures from the Gardens in private land or people's home.

I really like Lost Garden's of Apollo, Midsomer Isle, and Svarga. Places where you can dance, listen to music, recline, romance and enjoy a magic simulated environment. In my opinion these places are some of the best in Second Life. They all present a magical style of design and landscape that is not nerdy, often inspired by oriental design it is magical and yet mature. Twills Tymets, who built this space, clearly is a patron of this style and has made the area available for all to explore and romance. And it is much more private that the major islands.
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