Sunday, 30 December 2007

Ad Hell in Second Life

Ad hell in Second Life.
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Texas in Second Life

Seen from the SLURL you can see a Texas flag in the norther atoll. Surprisingly enough dropping in you can see that you can get hanged. This Texas them where you can be put to death is all part of a money making plan, but given Texas China like love of executions this joke is kind of in bad taste.
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Jewish Area in Second Life

Well I have also been to Israel and again RL beats SL.
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AV Painter? AvPainter!!!

If you want to create a much more unique look you might want to try the demo of AvPainter or go here. The product is based on .NET 2.0 so it will require Windows XP with SP 2 or later of Vista to run, but that is probably the best platform for running the Second Life client.

Frankly I live on Linux and Mac and the only reason, beyond my job as a SharePoint consultant I ever go on Windows is because the Windows Client for SL is so much better.

You can find it at XL Exchange at

User rating are 4.5 and the tool looks good:

Another Stonehenge in Second Life

This one seems to be a pretty good reproduction of the actual original site.
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The Cancer of Second Life

I would be hard pressed to say what my favorite thing in Second Life is, but not my least favorite. Here again smiley sign ads with the star of David for an eye like some bad joke by Al Qaeda. Second Life's cancer these are the ugliest things that come up again and again and again.
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Very high up in Metro Tower

If you just want to go high up Metro tower could be for you. It took me a few tries to figure the thing out. On my client I had to sit down and stand up again to get the thing to work. Nothing to see from the top in this area. It then just goes up and down again and again.
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Heterocera Atoll. Well Developed Water System

Unlike most of the water in Second Life, which does not look as interesting as a bath tub, Heterocera Atoll has some very developed water ways. The question is why can't all the water look like this in Second Life?
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A Boring Venice in Second Life

One of my favorite places in the world is not done proper service in Second Life.
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Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Last Stage of the Trip to the Moon

My ship finally makes the final stage of the descent to the trip to the Moon and back. Sadly steampunk technology at my disposal was not able to sustain a longer voyage. But the primary goal, to get AVs to look towards the stars and wonder how the Grid can be expanded in to a cosmology I hope was accomplished. I dedicate this mission to Miriam.
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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

View from Above Second Life Planet

Okay I know the question: why stage of flight to the moon around Second Life? Especially given all the existing problems with envisioning Second Life as a Planet with a real moon. Firstly the midnight moon is always directly above you in Second Life which would not be possible if Second Life was in fact a Globe and not a flat space. Also the moon is always full, indicating that it does not rotate around the Second Life earth.

From the astronomical facts of Second Life we can conclude that the planet of Second Life is flat and that the sun and moon are self illuminated and rotate around Second Life. Also the night sky shows no evidence of planets or even of a galaxy.

That is the cosmos of Second Life is primitive if not ancient. The most obvious solution is a flat earth with a small sun and moon working around it several times a standard earth day, a model of cosmology that would have seemed primitive to the designers of the Pyramids of the scholars of ancient Iraq. Linden Labs has given us the most unimaginative bleak cosmology possible.

That is why the mission: to try and start a process of replacing this primitive lazy cosmology with something richer. In my travels through Second Life I have found the mythology structuring the space depressing, certainly nothing on the level of Snow Crash. My trip to the to moon is a effort to open of the field of imaginative virtual cosmology, and to re-envision the space around the Grid in a richer way.

I hope to establish a astronomy and a science of space guiding the construction of the Second Life Universe. Perhaps some people will be burned for proposing that Second Life should not be flat, that it should have a moon with phases and a sun with spots, and planets and the starts should cluster in a galaxy filled with alien races and space ships. If you are going to make a night sky and you can fill it with what ever you want why not fill it with something really amazing.

Listening in to the Town Hall podcasts I have the feeling the LL is doing a good job thinking about economic public rights and has done something no other web 2.0 product has done: created a civil society. This is no small accomplishment. But as Levi-Strauss and Barthes teach us any civilization must rest on a mass of global mythology and this is where Second Life falls down. Its suburban. There are some brilliant legal scholars working out the intellectual property concepts of that suburb but trekking through much of Second Life it looks like the kind of town I left to go move to Chicago and then London. I love Second Life but I find I go there most when I can't sleep at night or when I am away on business and done swimming in the hotel. I feel very strongly about some friends I have made there, but I don't feel at all like we are yet making a Universe, it lacks the depth of a true civilization, it has the malls and escorts but not the stars, planets, ghosts, demons, and magic. Given that Second Life is a place where magic is possible one would hope that more would be done.

One of the key problems is the free market libertarianism that dominates much of Second Life, as it dominates much of our culture. But the deep structures that make a civilization are public intellectual properties not formed in markets. Ideas like God, Law, Moral, Humanity, Stars, Planets, Goodness. Its hard to imagine how forming a richer cosmology for Second Life will evolve from the current flat earth covered in malls and strip clubs.

But I would certainly love to talk to some Linden about this.

Leaving the Second Life Moon

Launch off from the surface of the Second Life Moon on Boxing Day Rober1236 Jua has become the first man to explore the surface of the Second Life moon using all Steampunk technology, employing devices created by the community of steampunk engineers living in New Babbage Master Rober1236 Jua was able to go to the Moon and back.
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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

View of the Second Life World from the Moon

More photos taken surface of the Moon. This pictures shows the Second Life planet rising over the surface of the Second Life Moon which Rober1236 Jua is spending his last day on. Running low on oxygen his streampunk machine will be sending him back to Second Life for Boxing Day.

The main ship of the mission is called the Verne after the mission's inspiration Jules Verne.

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Monday, 24 December 2007

Man Lands on Second Life Moon

On day ahead of schedule the drop ship H. G. Wells has linked up with the moon lander, and Rober1236 Jua has landed on the Moon of Second Life. This is the first image taken from the surface of the moon beamed back to Second Life. Behind Mr Jua, a gentleman serving without rank in the New Babbage Space Armada, one can see the Second Life planet of Lindania rising over the surface of the moon.

The flag is a universal flag selected to represent principles guiding a free and sustainable Internet. The place is the symbol of anarchy. The mission was based on the idea, shared by most citizens of Second Life that the Internet must be a place governed by freedom of expression and conduct and beyond the read and governance of any state. Though Mr Jua is a Gentlemen associated with the New Babbage Space Armada and has a residency in New Babbage he conducted this entire expedition from his own costs and in the name of all avatars on Second Life regardless of their identity and SIMS. The Green in the flag represents the need for a sustainable Internet that can continue to grow in the age of global warming and carbon reduction. Anarchy is the only system that can create a freer social system out of the information exchange of the Internet and Mr Jua is opposed to all efforts to inform TOC beyond the most fundamentally necessary upon the Internet and against all censorship that is spreading on the Internet. But without sustainability the Internet will never have times to meet these goals.

This is truly a historic event for all the AV of Second Life. Now we can all see that we are one in a mass effort to create a new reality, a reality surrounded by a Space we don't fully govern, understand or sadly even pay much attention to.

Mr Jua has worked to open up this space and to establish a "Heavens" around Second Life.

Mr Jua has sent greeting of "Happy Christmas", though himself an atheist he stated "the idea of a child's birth saving the world is something that all humans can share." Though he does not believe in a God he believes that a child can be Prince of the world and that the new community of Second Life will someday find a Spiritual King which will turn if from a band in to a family united in respect, patience and love.
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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Docking with the Orbiting Ship the Verne

After being shot off the surface of the Second Life Planet my ship is now preparing to launch with the Verne, the ship in orbit around the Second Life Moon from which I will make my Christmas Landing on the Second Life Moon.
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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Blast of for the Vernes Mission to the Second Life Moon






Lift OFF!

Lift off of the Space Mission Verne the first effort to explore the Second Life Moon
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Politics in Second Life

Politics in Second Life is like politics on TV as far as I can tell: not engaged in discourse but just ads. Rudy has little support and this is the only sign I have seen form him. Obama, Hillary and Paul are the most popular with Ron Paul very popular with the vast undercurrent of anarchistic values that constitute one of the formative ideologies of Second Life.
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Preparing Spirtually for the Voyage

All exploration of space is essentially a spiritual voyage. Humanities relationship with the Space outside her planet has been a deeply spiritual relationship from the first civilizations clustered around a few rivers in Egypt, Iraq, China, and Mexico. The stars have been our spiritual companions from the start of civilizations, signs in the sky from the higher powers to be read.

Second Life is a deeply spiritual place for all the sex and gambling. I have been impressed in my treks how much energy people put in to the spiritual side of Second Life and some of the best structures I have found have been deeply spiritual: zen gardens, Orthodox Churches, little chapels in the snow. The mythology of Second Life can be deeply spiritual.

In my effort to establish a stellar reality around second life, and to resolve problems like the moon is always full and always right around you are midnight no matter where you are, and to resolve the dull random star positions and the lack of a galaxy or other planets in Second Life I am entering on a quest of imagination to join our joint venture in SL with something of the infinite void of space which is our true Mother. This quest has deep spiritual aspects and the mythologies of space, from Star Trek to Bank's Culture, to Space Opera to Copernicus and Galileo to the ancient star gazers all play a role in creating this genre.
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Friday, 21 December 2007

Underwater training mission

Training on the Landing Drop ship, underwater for the mission to Mars. The ship is inspired by H.G. Wells War of the World, but is without weapons. Though I am not going to this Moon unarmed: anythning that could exist in imagination could be there.

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The Most Realistic Training Exercise Yet

In a very realistic training exercise under water I see the Second Life planet rising over the Moon. When you look up at the Moon over Second Life think of me.
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Preparing for Mission to Moon

This site was used to practice what might happen if encountering a lost civilization on the Moon. Lost civilizations on planets near us are part of the myth of space and lets home that Linden Labs can move from its present envisioning of the space around Second Life as a off limits random collection of stars of different colours, a moon and a sun to a Space Opera in which the SL planet is just a part.
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